Sunday, January 27, 2013

Senses dance, oceans crest

The waves come crashing
Photo by Anthony Iozzo
Happy for a split second
As the salty, white capping, rolling wet hills
Crest over my chest, my head,
Under, the sadness cannot reach the depths,
No cries, no screams, 
Just faint laughter, kids living the dream
When I burst through the rushing scene, under toe pulling me north, south, west, east
I know,
I am reborn, and before I could think,
Another wave smothers me,
I start over as I sink.

I start over as I sink.

Miles and miles of beach, the Atlantic blends with the horizon.
Splashing and smiles I see, there isn’t anyone not happy.
The shore is another dimension, no evil can breach,
Even in a hurricane, when the wind blows you away,
The scene returns, and the oceans recede,
Leaving you to feel
And I kneel
in ankle high, I let go,
And I float
Burning eyes, I’m soaked
And I never want to be dry again

No, I never want to be dry again.

The crabs, the clams, the muscles, the sand.
Colorful schools in search of shelter, of food,
Nomads with nothing to lose.
Teach me, give me a clue.
How can I live as loose as you?

So sick of the truth, 
It only brings the blues.
I’d rather wander,
sing to the rush of the ocean
and the snaps … ah, I want to be lost like a crustacean.