Thursday, February 13, 2014

Insomnia-tic sheep

Polished shoes.
Fancy hats.
Jackets and martinis.
Classy and yet lonely.

Sleep is a dream,
But used to burning eyes.
Sex is real,
But imagine one-night stands
and no feelings.
A drain, a bore, unadventurous 
and decreasing.
I just don't care anymore.
Just another reason, a lesson.

A person doesn't even know they
mean the world to you.
Their sadness is a knife,
Their smiles, their laughs, a crush.
So I continue on a road to nowhere,
Knowing nothing will ever come to pass.
But in a moment of weakness,
I think of them.
Yes I lust, but I also trust
and I feel that their drug,
is what will put the sheep
back to sleep.

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