Saturday, May 18, 2013

The dark side of imagination

Night terrors
A ball of yarn
Knitting into
Synergy, electricity
Movie reels projected
From thought
Mixed with fixed stares
Eyelids bare
Instead of hiding
Behind a brow
But sometimes things go wrong
Pain hidden
Insane, no one to talk to
It unleashes
Like a beast, a dark animal inside
Takes over
Makes you see what it sees
Misery and hate and fear
You’re scared
But all that is left
When the scene goes black
Is a memory, holes punched in like notebook paper
Your visions adjusts to the dark
Cold sweat
What was it that woke me up?
Like the silence, it erases
Stays buried in the string
The ball of yarn hides
Until slumber
Creeps in again
Like a dense fog on a wintry night

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