Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random thoughts from a single person on V-Day

Photo by Anthony Iozzo

It has been a long time since I was single on Valentine’s Day. So today, I plan to celebrate with myself.

And that is important because to love another, you have to be secure and love yourself.

Modesty is, by all means, a great virtue, as it keeps us striving for more, never satisfied with what we’ve earned.

But, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be proud, happy and confident with our looks, our mind and our abilities.

Embrace who you are, and love will surely follow, whether it is romantic or platonic, friendship or hot nights with lovers.

This day shouldn’t just be for couples, as that would mean being single is somehow wrong, that those who do not have a partner are worse off.

That is not true, and to force such things only leads to lies and false hope.

I have been in love many times in my life, and only twice was with a person. The rest were times were with music, writing or just moments during legendary, epic nights when I looked around and said, ‘Yes! This is my life.’

You see, we all are worthy of happiness. It is just up to us to welcome it.

Nothing should be expected, not much can be planned.

Life is improvisation. We choose the path, but we find the nooks and crannies to wander off and discover and adventure and be free.

This is what this day should be, a time to reflect on the present and learn to not only love others but to begin to love yourself.

Then, and only then, will hearts align, real and true. 

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