Monday, February 11, 2013

Smirking at the inevitability of change

It is funny how life changes.
People love you, hate you, want to kiss you, want to kill you.
Buildings are razed, trees excavated,
ground and spread like sage
on the plucked bodies of chickens.
One minute you are laughing in bed,
the next, drowning in sheets, alone, empty.

So funny,
How as years pass, hours feel like minutes, years like days,
color to grey, the balance of growing old.
Cities grow as people, gaining new life,
Learning from mistakes,
graffiti washed in the rain.
One minute, a swamp,
The next, a metropolis,
Damp with tears of a million lonely eyes.

Funny, isn’t it?
The earth is going to be reshaped, humans destroyed,
by asteroid, sun spot or nuclear war.
Nothing can save us, no reason to show anger.
Inevitable firestorms that erase us.
One minute, a glorious species,
The next, a skeleton in a history museum.

Miniscule, funny little lives.
And yet, we hate and murder and discriminate.
Instead of joining and putting all our minds to the task,
We waste brilliance with ignorance.
One minute, optimistic,
The next, celebrating the tidal waves that wash it all away.

Erasing this funny, little joke. 

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